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Manual Heat Press - For Jeans Efects PTI-550

Conventional heat press featuring a basic frame and of manual actuation, developed for applying prints and effects onto Jeanswear. It is designed with a concave thermal platen measuring 210x450mm and allows for exchanging the thermal platen with a flat thermal platen measuring 350x450mm.


The upper heating platen features double Teflon coating, casted-in heating resistance and milled in aluminum to provide a uniplaten pressure over the entire platen area.


Manual heat press PTI 550 Manual heat press PTI 550
Mains voltage (V)
127 Volts 220 Volts
Power consumption (kW/h)
Useful area (mm)
Air consumption (cu.ft/min)
Not required Not required
Indicated compressor (cu.ft/min)
Not required Not required
Package (L x W x H mm)
Size of supported platens
Current (A)