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Label Heat Press - Automatic Machine - PTRA-100ER

The PTRA 100 ER is an easy to handle and highly productive model that applies labels in rolls by means of compression. This label-applying machine works with label sizes up to 100X100mm. The great differential of this machine is its laser-beam workpiece alignment system, which accurately positions the label.


The pressing operation is facilitated thanks to its pneumatic system that makes the work much more practical and causes less fatigue to the operator. The machine also has selector switch with lock that enables reliable maintenance.


Mains voltage (V)
127 Volts 220 Volts
Power consumption (kW/h)
0,2 0,2
Useful area (mm)
100 X 100 100 X 100
Air consumption (cu.ft/min)
0,30/8 feet 3/min 0,30/8 feet 3/min
Indicated compressor (cu.ft/min)
3,7 feet 3/min 3,7 feet 3/min
Package (L x W x H mm)
690 X 740 X 500 690 X 740 X 500
Size of supported platens
100 X 100 100 X 100
0,4 0,4
Current (A)
3,15 0,81