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Royal Sovereign Banner Welder RBW-1500S

The RBW-1500S is a high quality, affordable thermal welding machine specifically engineered for users to easily and professionally weld vinyl banner material of various weights currently available in the marketplace. Built for safety and ease of use, this compact machine is perfect for welding, hemming, creating rope pockets and pole pockets, and much more. It has a durable, sturdy frame construction and requires little assembly and minimal maintenance. The included adjustable height stand with castors makes it easy to move around the workshop.



Royal Sovereign’s professional vinyl welding machine is the fast and easy solution for creating vinyl banners. The RBW-1500S welding machine allows one person to create thermal welds on large and small banners, providing a clean finished edge. Rope pockets and up to 6” pole pockets can be easily produced in any length needed. Includes adjustable height stand and feeding shelf with guides.

  • Ultra Strong vinyl thermal welding.
  • Safe for full bleeds
  • Allows welding from flat weld and up to 6" pole pockets
Easy to Use
  • One person operation
  • Digital display for temperature
  • Adjustable speed up to 16 feet per minute
  • Weld any length.
Useful Features
  • Stand by mode and auto power off to save energy.
  • Emergency Stop for Safety.
Reliable Design
  • Built for safety and ease of use, this sturdy machine requires little assembly and minimal maintenance.
  • Compact design with castors for easy movement around the workshop.
  • The RBW-1500S has a 1 year manufacturer warranty for parts & labor.