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6.0mm - Matte White Semi-Rigid Vinyl - 3yr, Clear Permanent Adhesive Tight Release Liner. Wall Paper, Bomper Car. (54" x 100')

6.0 mil Matte White semi-rigid calendared PVC film coated with 200-4990 permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive laminated to a 90# tight release digital liner designed for roll processing. This vinyl film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based inkjet and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing systems.
Concept® 222 is general purpose decal film designed for interior or exterior signage, decals, nameplates, die-cut letters and point-of-purchase displays.
Film Thickness:
6.0 mils
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Adhesive Thickness Side One:
.8 to 1.1 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Liner Thickness Side One:
6.7 mils.
(Thickness variance +/- 10%)
Temperature Ranges:
Minimum application temperature is +40°F.
Service temperature is -40°F to +180°F.
Dimensional Stability:
Expected Exterior Exposure:
Up to 3 years.
To stainless steel 40 oz/in. PSTC-101 Method A with 24 hr. dwell at 70°F and 50% relative humidity. Typical values. Individual values may vary. Test thoroughly before production.
Water Resistance:
Humidity Resistance:
Solvent Resistance:
Storage Stability:
6-month shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.
Product Codes:
222-54 (54” X 100’ roll)
222-54RW (54” X 100’ roll, reverse wound/notched core)
Completely evaporate inkjet solvents before application. Failure to do so may facilitate solvent penetration resulting in vinyl degradation.

Matte White Semi-Rigid Vinyl - 3yr, Clear Permanent Adhesive Tight Release Liner. Wall Paper, Bomper Car - 6.0mm

P/N: GF-6V222-54

Dimensions (W x L): 54 x 100